by the Arbitration Association

RAA media presence in 2013-2019

June 20, 2019

Dear colleague, 

As part of our collaboration with Interfax Europe Corporate Risk and Due Diligence Division, we would like to present you essential results of media monitoring conducted using the Interfax Scan system. The monitoring included more than 20 RAA-related keywords and expressions both in Russian and English and covered media space in Russia and abroad. The timeframe spans from the RAA foundation year 2013 until the present day. While a comprehensive analysis of the media dynamics is still to be done, it may be concluded that RAA Secretary General’s Roman Zykov comments on the SCC upholding Russia’s complaint against Yukos in 2016 were most widely republished in the media and brought him and the RAA most media recognition. The total number of publications related to the RAA or its members reached 797 news items throughout 6 years, meaning an average of 133 per year. That is a remarkable result for an organisation that has relied on organic growth and not purchased PR or media coverage.

Dmitry Artyukhov,, Editor-in-chief

Full version is available here.